Monday, October 27, 2014

Welcome to The Card Concierge


First, I want to let everyone know that all profits from the cards will be donated to This is a class project for my business class and the professor asked that we all donate our profits. So, for the entire semester all profits from card sales will go to a young man in Paraguay who is looking to get the funds to pay his graduation fees so that he can receive his college diploma.

Let me introduce what we offer; our primary service is to make card sending convenient by putting postage on all the cards that you order. That means no trips to the post office! The recipients will get to enjoy a handmade card that you get to personalize and send when you're ready.

Our secondary service is to make, personalize, and send the cards for you. You can schedule all of your holiday, birthday, and special event cards with us and we will ensure they are sent on time. No more trips to the store and no more waiting in the post office lines!

Whichever service you decide to use, just remember that all prices you see for cards include postage and if I'm shipping cards to you there is a flat shipping rate and if I am sending the cards for you there is a flat concierge rate. No surprises.

To see card designs, please click on the corresponding pages above.

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